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September gets serious

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

With Elena stuck in Russia I've been managing two businesses on my own for a couple of months now, hopefully she will be back for what's gearing up to be a busy season running up to Christmas.

Last weekend saw the best event since we took over The Chevy Bar and for good reason, let me explain.

My personal journey into purchasing The Chevy Bar was not a road I thought I'd be able to share, but with more and more focus on mental health we knew that we really wanted to give back and do some sort of community event. We just weren't sure when or where to start on this venture. That all changed with a phone call from Lachlan.

The more Lachlan spoke the more I choked up and tears formed in my eyes. His telling of a workmate who lost his battle and took his own life triggered so many emotions of that day for me. I know this pain and it's still a daily battle (that I'm so thankful to be winning).

Over the next few months we worked together in providing The Chevy Bar and got our local craft brewer Loose Moose Brewing co involved. Next a date of Sept 17th was set and everything kicked into high gear.

The venue was Springers Rural Traders out on the Warrego Highway and what a night is was, with live music, auctions and country style cooking. As the night rolled on people opened up their wallets for donations and also opened up to share their personal experiences with suicide. Tears, laughter and great new friendships were built that night.

A huge thanks to all who attended and to all who contributed to making this event the success that it turned out to be.

To all who suffer with Anxiety, Depression we at The Chevy Bar are always here for you, and can connect you with great resources if needed.

And as an analogy taught to me.

"We all know what storms look like.

We recognise the signs on the horizon as they approach.

We get prepared and get into our shelter.

The storm comes and creates its havoc

Then it passes and moves on and dies out.

We emerge to a clear sky,

Yes there is debris

But we are still here, alive

When storms come into our lives recognise them

Let them pass

But while they are here

Let storms be storms


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