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A Walk Down Chevy Lane

From a small trip to Phuket Thailand in 2013 and seeing a Bar inside a beat-up VW Kombi an idea was born.

The original owners Chris & Cath set about setting up the Chevy Bar. From importing the 59 Chevy Apache from the USA, to using Chris's extensive knowledge and background in bar and hospitality management.

In 2016 the fully kitted out Chey Bar made it's first appearance and was an instant hit.

Over the next 5 years Chris and Cath hosted weddings, parties and numerous corporate events with great success.

2022 - The business was sold to new owners Wayne and Elena. They plan to continue the great success of the Chevy Bar Experience and host an event that will be remembered for years to come.

The Chevy Bar 1st ever party in 2016

2016 - the first gig . The event was planned to be in the driveway, but with torrential rain we moved into the shed. It was an incredible night and just show how events evolve, plans change and we can be incredibly flexible as situations unfold

Just like the beer we pour , we go with the flow - Chris

The Chey Bar Team

Come meet the new owners, Wayne & Elena

Our background in Tourism and Sales and the support of great team members will see you get an event that will give you happy memories for years to come

The Chevy Bar Owners Wayne and Elena

For more up to date history, go to our blog page

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