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What about Spirits?

Chivas and Ginger Ale

Sorry that we haven't blogged for a little with, there has been so much going on and we promise to get back on the horse and get a little more blogging done.

The amount of stuff we get ask is incredible, so in an attempt to put a few things into perspective here's a question on service that we were asked last week.

QUESTION: If we provide spirits do you mix them with the post mix on request or do our guest just get post mix off you and then we have the spirits on a separate area to help themselves?

ANSWER: Some of our customers have brought their spirits to the bar and we've mixed with postmix and others have kept their spirits at their table.

I've had one grandfather who bought a whiskey that was very old and it was just for him. We placed it in the cab and when he wanted it he knew where it was.

Here's the thing, any alcohol (wine and spirits) brought to the bar is then under the bar's control and is dispensed under RSA licensing.

The maximum we can serve is 30ml per 300ml (double shot). And once a bottle is surrendered to the bar it cannot leave.

These rules are to ensure that our duty of care is covered under the laws that govern our RSA licence.

We're only in control of what's served from the bar. We cannot be held responsible for any alcohol that's in eskys in the back of the ute or that is on the premises that we are unaware of.

Relax , we're not going to do a search though, your house and check out your liquor cabinet.

We're not the fun police, but here's the question that we ask in return.

These people at your function you care about right? They are your friends, family and colleagues. You want them to have a great time and you want them to get home safely. We're not going to say it's your responsibility to look after them. But, if they were my friends I'd be "cutting them off" before they become intoxicated.

Let's have a great time, one to remember. One where we respect each other to say it's enough, when maybe our friend cant.

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