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Meet the Owners

We're Wayne and Elena.

We bought the Chevy Bar January 2022 and have been working hard to bring you the best Mobile Bar experience in Australia.

The Chevy Bar has been operating since 2016 around Brisbane and South East Queensland and is based in Springwood.

The great thing about owning The Chevy Bar is its flexibility.  One day we can be set up for a Wedding and the next we can be serving at a Golfing Event.  

Elena's background is 20 years of commercial and corporate travel and Wayne's spent over 35 years in trade sales within the building industry.

We still work full time and have the luxury and flexibility of being able to jump out of our professional roles to operate The Chevy Bar.

What does the future look like? We'll we intend to be around for a long time yet. With the world only now reemerging from so many lockdowns and outbreaks we're only just catching up. 2022 has been a phenomenal year and 2023 is looking to be even better.

We believe The Chevy Bar is the most unique mobile bar in Australia and hope that we'll meet with you soon for your event.


Wayne & Elena. 

The Chevy Bar Owners Wayne and Elena
Elena - The Chevy Bar
Wayne - The Chevy Bar
Elena's Role

I look after the administration side of The Chevy Bar. From organising quotes, invoicing, ordering stock and receipting. You could say I'm the backbone of the business, the silent one working hard in the background.

Wayne's Role

I'm the one who spends all the time on social media and doing all the marketing. Taking all the phone calls and following up leads for new business. Plus I'm your barman for your event. AKA the cleaner and washer of The Chevy Bar.

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