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Keg Calculator 

It's a question often asked so we thought it best to dedicate a page to this common question

It can be difficult when figuring out the consumption rates of people.

So here's a little guide that may help.

For about 50 people we normally suggest breaking down what you think your attendees will drink on average per hour.  

Basically a 50 ltr keg holds about 5.5 cartons of beer as an estimate which is about 132 drinks,

At an average of maybe 2 drinks in the first hour and then 1 drink per hour after that should give you an estimate of what you would require. 



50 x 2 = 100 (1st hour)

50 x 4 = 200 ( 2nd - 5th hour)

Estimated drinks = 300


300 drinks ÷ 132 (number of drinks in a keg) = 2.72

Basically 3 kegs. or 150L of beer.


I don't want to now confuse you be you can get kegs in 17L, 25L and 50L Kegs


Here's my suggestion for a bit of variety. 


1x50L of your favorite beer

1x50L of a lighter % beer

1x 25L Ginger Beer 

1 x  17L Cider

Wayne The Chevy Bar Owner
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