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We've had a few inquiries recently asking for quotes on 18th party's.

We would love to cater for 18's but here's the reason we don't.

We all have groups of friends, some friends older and some younger. When you dial your age to 18 those numbers increase and chances are a lot higher that we'll need to be asking for ID on every person coming to the bar. Slowing our service to a crawl and having people queueing for service while checking Id's is not the way we want our customers to experience The Chevy Bar 

Then there's our RSA licence obligations and ensuring our customers get home safe.

We've been 18 and remember getting that sneaky drink from the bar. However being a business, we have to protect what we've worked hard to build.

We don't want to be the party police but when drinks are taken from the bar and then passed to an underage person because we've checked their ID an discovered that person is underage will cause us to close the bar. As doing this is against the law. We understand it's a private party, however once you employ us we're contracted to operate as a RSA licenced bar.

We don't even want to discuss the dangers of alcohol and driving after the party.

We know there are parents out there that have the very best intentions and want their youngsters to have a wonderful 18th we just want you to know.... we'll still be here for that awesome 21s!

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