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What's Post Mix?

Postmix is a concentrated syrup that when mixed with the right amount of water and gas produces the best flavored soft dinks we can get.

Our Chevy Bar can provide a wide selection of flavors, you can choose up to 3 flavors for your venue.

  • Cola - Our Premium Cola is a quality cola Post Mix product

  • Diet Cola - Our Diet Cola is a Quality cola Post mix product that tastes like (Diet coke) 

  • Lemonade - Our Lemonade is a Quality post mix product that Tastes like (Schweppes lemonade).

  • Ginger Ale - A unique blend of gingers perfected with a hint of aromatic spices and essence.

  • Tonic - Our tonic post mix syrup is based on ingredients that date back to 1870’s including quinine

  • Lemon, Lime & Bitters - Refreshing lemonade with a hit on lime and touch of bitter.


Great on its own or mixed with your favourite sprits  





Postmix Soft Drinks
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