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Our First Blog

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Welcome, we're almost six months into owing the Chevy Bar and decided it's time to give a little more into the daily running's of this great little yellow truck we've decided to call "Louis" (more on that in another blog).

Over the next few blog entries we'll go through what bought about the existence of "Louis" and how we became the new owners. We'll also list our friends in the industry, quaint bars and great venue places, as well as car shows and other interesting parts of our life now shared with "Louis"

We're glad you've jumped onto our blog page. This website has been a labour of love over the last six months as we've settled into a rhythm of balancing our lives with "Louis" marketing, shows, venues and events.

It hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows, we've health and personal issues thrown into the mix with Elena fighting with Long Covid and Wayne resigning from his career, but we're now both in better places and spaces to be able to focus on our new business.

So, here's to us and a life with "Louis" - The little yellow truck you know as The Chevy Bar

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