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Dry July

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Wow, where did the last few months go?

Poor Louis has been run of his feet every weekend since the beginning of April.

It's nice to finally have a weekend off and look back at what we've managed to get through.

From Kelly's surprise birthday party for Nick (and no Nick Louis was not yours to keep). Dodging the heavy rain at Twin waters for Rebecca and attending our first ever car show in Nerang, April saw a lot of firsts.

May saw the busiest month since taking over the business and has given us a clear indication that people really like Louis and what we have to offer and we discovered new territory as we put our Jeep (AKA Clark) through his paces climbing the road up to Melany to the most gorgeous outlook for a wedding.

I have to say I was packing it coming down the mountain fully loaded with trailer and Louis knowing that there was no emergency run off truck pits should I have any trouble.

But Clark got us down safely.

We were also invited to the first ever Bridal Show at the Ipswich Railway Workshop, which despite the rain and cold weather was a little ripper, this will be a regular event for us in the future. The organizers and atmosphere were fantastic.

The busiest weekend was the last weekend of May, a weekend of no sleep as we attended our longest wedding event to date for Tyler & Stuart (9hours). I just have to say, what an awesome couple who really made me feel like part of the family for the night.

11pm saw me pack up and head home for a few hours before heading off again to our largest Bridal Expo at the RNA Exhibition all in the city.

Poor Louis had to sleep outside, as by the time I got home it was 1am and I had to depart for the showgrounds at 6am - no point in unloading. (just repack Clark with all the gear for the show)

Needless to say, I was pretty tired toward the end of the day. The show was so busy I managed to survive on a muffin and one coffee all day! With over 600 couples through he show only time will tell how many secured bookings we'll get. Some of which are 2 years in advance!

June gave us yet another first as I got a call from Isobel Quinlan Chanel 9 News. She seemed pretty keen to have us interviewed for the News!

We were ecstatic! All the hard work was finally paying off.

But with great highs come great lows, as my mental health issues kicked in after discovering a flat tyre issue with Louis. Clark wasn't well either, we'd already had to work on his turbo and now started leaking oil. I was working way too hard and somethin had to give. We rushed around finding a tyre for Louis and setting up a maintenance time to have Clark get a complete engine overhaul. I called Isobel to say we may not be able to do the interview or attend Cooly Rocks (the largest vintage 50-70s show in Australia). With all this stress and Elena not being well I had succumbed to my own health and was going downhill.

It was only once I found a guy willing to take a look at Louis before his shop opened early on the morning the interview was scheduled did that silver lining appear on the dark clouds that had been forming over the last week. We were going to be on TV.

The day of the interview the weather was right, Elena was feeling up to travelling. Elena had been suffering with long Covid for almost 8 weeks at this stage, hence me being so stressed and tried. At one point she couldn't feed herself and we contemplated getting a full time nurse. This day was her first outing in almost 6 weeks!

The interview went well and screened on Friday 9th June on Chanel 9 (Gold Coast)

Cooly Rocks was a great success and know that we'll be back again next year, a huge thanks to Lenny who I hung out with all day and know that as avid car fans we'll be catching up in the future.

With one more Bridal Show at the Alexandra Hills Hotel we were now on the home run towards our quiet July. I wasn't focused and maybe becoming complacent as I didn't secure the tailer correctly, which resulted in the trailer jumping off the tow ball and hitting the rear bumper and creating traffic havoc in our local suburb. I didn't meltdown as expected, I was just so tired I wanted to just get through the day. People came from out of nowhere and helped us get moving again. One small pin not placed and absolute chaos! Lesson learnt, I need to slow down. Thank heavens I secured the chains correctly and saved Louis from catastrophe.

After all the turmoil of the last few months it was finally time to celebrate my own birthday at home with, Louis, Clark, Elena and great friends.

July is quiet, and to be honest I'm kinda thankful. Time to spend with Elena before she heads overseas to be with family for an undisclosed period of time. She needs he break - Corporate life has come to an end for her and after many years at the top of her game she need this time to heal and recover.

Yes its been one hectic crazy learning curve these last few months, but this blog gives you a human side to who we are.

We'd love to hear your story over a cold one or two, so book us for your venue and let's catch up.

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