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What is it with October?

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Here we are in August and I'm turning away business as we're so booked out.

17 wedding quotes, 3 (or maybe 4) engagement and other parties were just the beginning, but when you turn down the major motor racing event on the Gold Coast and a large food and wine festival it leaves you wondering if we need a second Chevy.

It's hard for us to say no and have to disappoint people who really want to celebrate with us. But, I've said it many times in our social media pages "Book now". I'm sure people think it's a marketing ploy to get more business, but I wouldn't turn down a week long event hire if I didn't have two paid up wedding smack in the middle of the dates. Sure I'd make more money, sure it's frustrating. But once you're booked what can you say, "First in first served".

Over the last few weeks we've been working on several projects with "Louis" and through networking at a Golf Day for a large regular client we've cottoned on to a great Party Space that's BYO and suits our business perfectly. We're super proud to be associated with Benga Box and can't wait to be part of this great establishment. The Golf Day was also a huge success with us invited back as regular vendors in March next year.

Another new development is the introduction of non-alcoholic Kombucha to our line up. We've teamed up with Krafty Kombucha to provide an alternative product to a new market. This is a developing project along with other non-alcoholic beverages and as the protect unfolds we'll keep everyone updated.

So, what's happening in the next couple of weeks?

Our next public showing of "Louis" (our Chevy) will be at the Ideal Bride Expo in Jindalee on the 21st August followed by a Retro Cruise night in Salisbury (the local hotel) on the 27th.

On the home front, Elena has left me... no hang on, let me rephrase that. Elena has taken the opportunity (as her illness has improved) to travel home to Russia and see her family. With all of the conflict having family on both sides (Russia and Ukraine) she's having a hard time of it all. So... it's me and our dog manning the phones, social media and all the events. Who knew I could juggle.

Here's to warmer seasons... We're about to get busy!

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