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The January Bounce Back

January the 8th saw us set the first milestone of owning The Chevy Bar for 1 year. And what a year it's been. We've met so many and we've learnt a lot about the business and more importantly we've learnt more about ourselves and the pressures we can work under given the right and sometimes wrong circumstances.

Our mind set is different, Wayne's less stressed after two months without doing any Chevy Bar venues. However there's been a lot going on while we've been "closed due to damage"

Insurance Update: Finally Harvey's Towing have admitted liability and we're now in the process of getting paid out for the damage, lost bookings and refund on the towing fees. We're not quite there yet, but know that this 3 month ordeal will soon come to an end.

Corporate: We've had discussions with a brewery for a semi regular events and are in negotiations to finalise the deal. This will be a great opportunity for companies to hold their social events in an environment away from work where there quite often is a no alcohol policy. We'll update everyone as this unfolds.

Bookings: Honestly we're humbled by the huge support we're currently receiving. Our bookings are filling out weekends months in advance. There are some months in 2023 that we have no weekends available.

January was a complete sellout and we were privileged to share in some incredible parties. Two of which have penciled in their Christmas parties for December!

Elena: She's struggled with being in the limelight of the business and is extremely adverse to loud noise and crowds of people. Hence she usually works in the background of the business. Yet I'm so proud of her attending a 21st during January. She worked the bar and really enjoyed herself. It was her quiet chat at the end of the party with the parents that secured a Christmas booking. Today (Australia day) she's decided that she'll come along to the Car Show in Nerang. It's these events that she loves. Well done, Elena's come a long way from corporate burnout, PTSD and Long COVID over the last 18 months.

Wayne: October almost destroyed me, both business and with my mental health. from the euphoric high of so many bookings to the point of almost loosing my mind lying on the floor. Yes I've sweated, blead and cried for this business to be the success it is. I was reminded through the ordeal that I didn't start the business and the original owner struggled when he started, however I'm now building this business, this is now our story. Our vison. Yes our foundation was built. But none of us lives on a concrete slab without finishing the project. It's now the building phase of our business. The long hours of social media adds and working on our new add campaign are at the forefront.

We can't wait for the year ahead, with so many bookings, car shows, corporate events and weddings.

So pack your picnic basket, turn on your radio, its going to be one awesome ride.

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