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Nothing in November but progress

With The Chevy Bar being closed due to last months accident, We've been trying to sort out all the repairs and in constant contact with the towing companies insurance people.

The hardest part has been organising quotes for Electrical, Panel & Paint. But with persistence we've got everyone on board and can start working our way back with a relaunch into 2023.

We've slowed our advertising campaign, as next year is already exceeding our expectations and some months are already pretty full.

Our first party of 2023 will be on the 7th January in Burpengary, honestly we cant wait to be up and running.

While all the fuss has been made over getting Louis repaired we've taken to getting our trailer uprated and with the help of Allen at Trailer World in Springwood we have a trailer the feels vastly different to the one we dropped off a week earlier. With a whole new breaking system and new hubs, our trailer feels so more secure on the road.

We also have a new towing vehicle (yet to be named) A 2015 Jeep that's all decked out for towing. There was no saving Clarke (our 2006 Jeep) as after snapping off the key in the ignition last month the cost to repair on top of the other scheduled engine work proved too much for our finances and the decision we made to retire Clarke and purchase our newer and more capable Jeep.

Currently, Louis is getting a new set of hinges fabricated and gas struts fitted. And we're reattaching the bar top that was torn off during the disastrous trip to Laidley in October.

I really can't thank Ryan and Amanda enough. This beautiful couple hired the Chevy Bar way back in the early days for their engagement party with Chris, the creator of The Chevy Bar. We were then fortunate to meet them at Harrigan's Car show in early October. When they heard of what had happened to Louis, their offer to help was over whelming. And today as I write this blog we're off to pick up our Chevy and thank them in person.

It won't be long now until the Christmas festivities are done and we're back on the road.

So, come celebrate with us as we bring Louis back to life and party on into 2023.

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