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December Dealings

Christmas came with a fizzle this year as Louis our Chevy literally sat in the shed awaiting the slow response from the insurance company regarding the accident that happened back in October. It wasn't until the 23rd that the assessor turned up to take a look and do their report. We just have to push on and make the best of it.

All the inquiries for Christmas parties that we've had to turn down really puts a sour end on what has been an incredible year for us as we've grown into the life of what the business can offer. But it's unlike us to be complaining, so we're focusing now on 2023 and what opportunities lie ahead.

We did manage to take Louis out to one small gathering. In Wayne's "other life" (yes it's not all Chevy Bar) Louis got to Wayne's work for a little break up party.

We took time off to take in a short road trip into New South Wales and fell in love with some incredible small towns along the way. This will be our last trip until February when we are planning our 25th Anniversary

From us to you, we hope the festive season and New Years treated you kindly and that 2023 will be the year that you hope it will be. - Cheers and raise your glass to the 2023 year.

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