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Why February Was Fabulous

On the back of January 2023 has kicked off to an awesome start and to be truthful we really didn't want a huge February to follow. Which sounds strange considering we're a business and it's all about growth right? Wrong!

The whole reason we own The Chevy Bar is we discovered in our previous personal corporate life it's about profits before people, and in our business its the other way around. We've realised what our work capacity is when to take a break (without having to submit an approval form).

But there's a special reason why February is always special to us. Valentines Day, yes it's the one day for most but for us it's been 25 years of Valentine's Days. We celebrated our 25 Wedding anniversary in The Philippines and took a couple of weeks out of the business to just focus on us.

But in my typical style I did manage to squeeze in a great 50th party in Mt Forbes before embarking on our holiday.

On the Chevy Front (and back) "Louis" got new shocks and we finally managed to eliminate the body roll when turning and put spacers on the rear wheels. With the huge tyres that are fitted there is very little room between the wheel arch and the rim of the tyres. After discussion with our mechanic (who is brilliant by the way) we put heavy duty truck performance shocks, wheel spacers and finally a brake booster under the hood.

What does this mean? It means we can drive Louis a little further down the road! Up until now Louis has just been loaded onto a trailer and towed to jobs, which we'll continue to do. But with more upgrades planned it wont be too long before Louis will be able to attend a few more Retro Cruises and Car Shows. So if you happen to see us driving around, give us a wave.

Of course what better way to finish a fabulous month than with a Rockabilly Car Show. Lions Springwood hosted their very first Rockabilly Photo competition and show and we loved it! Elena's dress arrived and she looked gorgeous. We love this kind of show and it was just the icing on the cake for for us

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