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Insurance clame Photos REF  AEI Ref. Number: 0070749

From: The Chevy Bar <>
Sent: Monday, 5 December 2022 6:26 PM
To: Natallia Chepelevich <>
Subject: Re: Damage to the vehicle during towing. AEI Ref. Number: 0070749


Hello Natallia,


We now have the quote for the panel and paint.

Please see attached.



Panel and Paint to Chevrolet Cab (including removal of bar and reassembling). $5123.80  

Repair to the Bar Top $1800 +GST

Cancelled bookings due to damage $2373

Harvey's Towing Fee $684.08 (unable to provide service as advertised)



This figure does not reflect the potential loss of earnings for the period November / December due to forced closure by the negligence of Harvey's Towing.

Please advise ASAP as we have bookings in place for January and expect to be operating by then.


Wayne Davis

The Chevy Bar

Good Morning Natallia,


Update: AEI Ref. Number: 0070749


We are still waiting on a reply from the car painter for a quote and will seek quotes from other car painters this week

As you can appreciate this type of vehicle requires a specialist and not your typical smash repairer.


To start the process we have attached the quote to repair the rear timber bar top and our two lost bookings from our business within the week of the incident.

Also attached is a link to our website showing all damage caused due to Harveys Towings negligence.


The contact details to confirm with our clients their cancelled bookings are as follows

Jaymee Tully:

Chevelle Kurth:


Claimed (excluding panel and paint as awaiting quote)

Repair to the Bar Top $1800 +GST

Cancelled bookings due to damage $2373

Harvey's Towing Fee $684.08 (unable to provide service as advertised)



If this could be actioned, we'd like to start on the repair process and be operational by January for bookings early next year.




Wayne Davis

The Chevy Bar



In discussing my claim with you this afternoon I'm somewhat taken back by yet another level of consultants dealing with my claim.

Only Monday was I emailed by Joe Moorcroft from HMIA, who assured me that he would be handling the claim.


Now you're asking for information already submitted. Your departments need to communicate and share information.


I will oblige with your request, however after 7 weeks since the damage was created by Harvey's Towing and having to organise all quotes and repairs,

I will not be engaging with any more requests (including assesors).

I have gone to great lengths to find suitable and qualified classic car restorers and fabricators and based on their assessments, quotes and invoices the claim will stand. 


All photos and video of the damage are on our website, please download from there as the file is too large to attach.

All requests of images are at this link


  • All four sides of the vehicle including clear shot of rego plate

  • VIN plate

  • Odometer reading

  • Area of damage



The facts are Harvey's Towing are at fault, and further delays as mentioned in previous emails will result in legal action with my solicitors being informed of this claim.



Wayne Davis

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